Jun 4, 2015

Lechlade Music Festival

Wow, what a fab weekend I've had! Whole Lotta Led headlined Friday night , and Light Led were on the Shire stage Sunday afternoon. And, inbetween all that, I did the Tall Ships Fest at Gloucester Docks AND  the Prescott Hill Climb at, er....Prescott.


So,  Friday, I finished work at 1pm, rushed home and had a quick siesta (getting old y'know, I neeeeeed my sleep), then set off for the Lechlade Music Fest to see my good friends Whole Lotta Led, headlining on Friday night. Ann and I drove the cross country route, and got there about 8 ish - we drove into the vip parking area and met with the security guys - told them we were getting our passes at the BO., Good job Ann is so pretty, once she smiles they'll give us anything, lol.
We were on the guest list so we got the red wristbands, but apparently you need the purple one  for all access, luckily Geoff managed to get us those whilst we were hangin around backstage.  The guys had all their equipment there, but it was still gonna need setting up later.........

Lots of bands, on but the first one I saw was Bon Giovi, a great tribute band...saw Bon wandering around earlier and clocked him as the lead singer, but he didn't really look the part til he came on stage with his shades on - WOW, he was really good, what an AMAZING voice.


 Shame they got the timings mixed up, he did the encore Livin on a Prayer and then got told he had loads more time..........so, he did a few more songs, went down a storm :)

Eventually it was time for Led...........I know I' ve seen 'em 30+ times and may be a bit biased........but they are so brilliant.And I got to take pics from the front of the barrier and on the stage, my god, that was soooo much fun!

So, afterwards we went round to Geoff's for the 'after gig party' - coffee and a nitpick at their peformance -  and I finally got home at 2am, crawled into bed and waited for the alarm at 4.35am......
What a joyous morning at work I had on Sat......

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