Apr 25, 2015

It's been a long boring winter, and, although the New Year brought a few future gig opportunities - Foo Fighters, Robert Plant, - nothing was very immediate sadly.....except for Black Star Riders in Wolverhampton............... when I was so excited to be going out at last after all the illness and hibernation, that I drank a gallon of wine in about 10 mins (I exaggerate. Slightly)
 I had to go outside for fresh air and chips halfway though the show........(sorry Steve), what a flipping lightweight I am..........so, I never got to see them really, I'll have to go again sometime. But not while they are supporting Europe, I prefer the smaller venues when they are headlining.........couldn't get anywhere near the front, by the time we had finished meeting up with and chatting to mates Peter and Tibbsy - which, to be fair, was one of the more important aims of the night, lol. Was great to meet up with you guys!

Ah well ,such is life. At least I have lots of Led gigs lined up.......ah, except that I was ill (again) (gastric flu, yuck) so I missed a lot of the nearest ones ffs.........finally managed to catch up with them at Stroud in March.  Such a great gig, missed them so much!! And then this last weekend I caught them at the Bierkellar in Bristol, what a great venue, loads of space to dance, a decent sized dressing room to dump all my stuff in, great sound, thoroughly enjoyed myself! And, afterwards,  I followed fellow Led enthusiast and photographer Richard around Bristol's various road works to find a great kebab house for an after gig meal! Owing to the nefarious twists and turns of the Bristol roadworks, it wasn't actually the same kebab house that Richard ended up at, but hey, the lamb shish was awesome, so I'm not complaining.

And then Saturday night beckoned. A Light Zep acoustic charity do at a stone barn in the middle of nowhere/Oxfordshire.  Having got home at stoopid o'clock the night before, and had a number of exciting things (ironing, washing, Craft Fair) to do during the day on Saturday, I was feeling just a little jaded late pm, and reconsidering my decision to go out...........in fact, I had  totally abandoned my going out plans, and settled down to watch episode 7 of Vikings, when my gig buddy Ann, phoned and said 'leaving in 10 mins, are you coming??'

Well, what could I say? Apart from yep, I'll be ready in 5..? And I was. And we went. And it was great! Huge stone barn in middle of nowhere, lots of rugs and cushions to keep us warm, a pizza van outside, bar inside,.....SORTED :)



Spent most of Sunday asleep, lol, but what a great weekend, looking forward to the next one.

Am also looking forward to July, when I get to see Alice in Norway and Sweden!

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