Jun 12, 2018

A level part 4

Well, it's over at last. And after all that angst, I am now missing it already!

The 3 days of exam went ok, I had a kind of schedule, do the silk painting and a bit of screen printing (of the lyrics) on the first day, second layer of printing, plus background painting of the 2 pieces of calico on the second day, and the 3rd day, sew layers of the lyric printed muslin over each other and paint 'No More Pencils, No more Books' on top , and finish off all the layers on the other 2 pieces. This included stitching bits and pieces on to it, painting with puff paint, and adding beads, and all the other stuff that I routinely think of at the last minute etc etc........

I decided halfway through, that the method of mounting it onto the vinyl was pants, and that I had to come up with something else. Glueing counts as 'presentation' and is allowed after the designated hours.....but, annoyingly,  I felt they needed sewing on, which meant punching holes in the vinyl first, and also that I had to finish it within the time perameters allowed.

So I gaily carried on with punching holes into 2 of the records, one of which was a Donny Osmond single that I bought randomly in a charity shop, hah!! I love the irony here, when I was 14 and madly in love with Alice, Donny was also a major player in the singles chart, but I always hated him. With every fibre of my being..........really..........I mean, Puppy Love?....Such crap.

 So, punching holes in a single of his was very theraputic, I enjoyed it SO much, hah!.  And then I covered up the label on the reverse with a copy of a School's Out label. Very satisfying!!

The other record was a 12 inch, actually one of Alice's. I felt it was important that I included one of his records in my final piece, as it was about School's Out, but there was absolutely No Way, I would ever use my 45 year old copy......or any other subsequent copy I might've bought on ebay. I would never have been able to 'abuse ' them in any way, even after all these years.
Bit of a dilemma........

In the end. I used an LP of The Alice Cooper Show (I seem to have 3 copies), and I duly punched holes around the edge of the record.........but I have to say, it hurt...
I am so sorry Alice, but I know this album was a thing that Had To Be Done, and that you probably hate it, so I reckon of all of them, this was the best one to use.
Gotta say, sewing it on looked amazing, just right!  But it took me flipping ages, and I was still sewing it, right up to the last minute!! Thank god I didn't have the hang the flipping thing in the exam time, it never woulda happened...

I spent the next morning hanging it up, and I am happy to report that I actually like it at this point. And, anyway, if I don't get the predicted A *, I guess it doesn't really matter, as I am not going on to uni, and a career in the arts, theatre and stage design.....................fuck, if only I had my time again........

.........Much, much later......

Happy to report that my tutor saw fit to give me an A* .....so I just have to wait til Aug to see what the moderator thought.....Do I care?........YESSS!!

May 12, 2018

A level part 3

Well, I am a third of the way into it now, just 2 days to go. We can't add anything else to our sketch books now... Thank god, I am so fed up with back up work, I never want to see it again!
Day 1 went more or less according to plan, I was hoping to get the 2 silk paintings done, plus some screen printing, which all went very well. I now need to do 2 paintings on Calico (I always want to start that with a cap letter, AC peeps will understand!) and I managed to stretch it all on my frames ready for Monday.
John and I spent ages hanging the records on guitar strings the other day, I’ve made mobiles before but not this big, and it was a bastard to get the balancing right. I am hanging vinyl off one of Alice’s canes and some drumsticks, and will mount the textiles on to them. I was going to use Glens drumsticks, but I would be gutted if anything happened to them, so I ended up buying some new ones.
Eventually, we sorted it, and drilled holes in the drumsticks, strung up all the discs, taped them to the cane (not drilling holes in that!!) …………..and then I ran out of strings! And  blimey, it’s near impossible to get any round here..........  If only I’d thought of it sooner, I’d’ve got Tommy or Nick to give me some of their old ones. But, I eventually found a shop in Swindon and just finished balancing the bloody thing today…
Doesn't look like 3 hours of work, does it?
Just a few twiddly bits to do, throw some paint at a piece of muslin, sew a thousand beads onto a square inch of felt, that kind of thing, and I am done. I have a feeling that it will take far longer to stick the stuff on my records than I actually have left, but apparently, I can do that outside the 15 hours.Seems very arbitrary, what you can do in the time, and what you can't, hey ho.
Gosh, I think I may have a day off on Sunday! Which means John and I can indulge in our new hobby, going out to lunch.

May 9, 2018

A level Art part 2

So here we are, 2 weeks to go , and I have managed not to throw the towel in, in spite of repeated urges to do so…….
And this is what I have so far. (Well, I have a whole book of stuff, but this is last few bits for the exam)

Loving the microscopic pics of vinyl!

Watercolour response to School’s Out. I did about 12 pages of scribbling along to it first, which are really only suitable for the bin, but Janet insists I put them in a book for the exam

And then I did a silk painting.

Watercolour response to Comfortably Numb

More silk painting , also inspired by ‘Comfortably Numb’. Another 12 (at least!) pages of doodling, what a fab tune it is, I could go on all night.

Whole Lotta Love. It’s actually the words ‘Way Down Inside’, but all stretched out a bit. Lost count of the pages of scribbles for this one! Pastels and watercolour. And a photocopy with added scribble.

And silk painting of course. I do like silk painting😊

Then we have to come up with 3 ideas for a final project. Blimey, I am struggling to get one at the moment, but luckily all those sleepless nights are just made for thinking of ideas. (Those who know me, will snigger with disbelief at this point,  because they all know that I  am very VERY good at sleeping…….it’s the waking up I have trouble with, hah).
But anyway, there were indeed many more than usual sleepless nocturnal hours filled with…… ‘WTF am I going to do? Shall I give up now? Who needs an A level anyway?...... “

My first idea was to make a kind of  denim wall hanging, (inspired by Comfortably Numb) but, TBH, it just seemed a bit boring.

Then I decided to alter a pair of jeans, so’s I could wear them to gigs….
Been meaning to do this for years anyway. ( The keen eyed amongst you may notice a friend making an appearance here.) (Go Ryan!)

I will make these one day, but for now, I decided to make a mobile, consisting of 3 LP’s and 3 x 7 inch singles, and maybe a few more, each decorated on one side with ,ummmm……textiley things.
But I have no clue how to make my………er………textiley things look incredibly A star-ish.

So I did another silk painting hoping to come up with some fabulous ideas on how to give it a wow factor. So far I have machine stitched it, pulled all that out, hand stitched it, ditto, and tried to add puff paint – that didn’t work either….. I wanted to stitch a sound wave across the middle, but if you do that without stretching the silk in a hoop, it all ends up looking like a screwed up mess. Put the thing in a hoop, I thought. But the hoop doesn’t fit into the machine. Stitch it on a piece of vanishing film, and stick in on afterwards! Great idea! Until I washed away the film – and then it ended up looking like a bunch of dead spiders….. I never have these kind of problems when I do things with paper…………....
spot the dead spiders across the middle

Spent a number of frustrating hours trying to cut up bits of vinyl without making jagged edges. Impossible. I even purchased a Hot Knife, hoping this would make the whole thing Very Much Simpler.
But of course, it didn’t....Spent several hours trying to prove Fate Was Wrong, but in the end I gave up. I was resigned to making them out of cardboard, until I spotted some acrylic being cut for someone else. Does this come in black? I thought…. And Janet, who is very much on the same wavelength as me, had the very same idea! And apparently it does! Just waiting for it to arrive now, hope to God it lives up to its expectations......

Acrylic - perfect!

Yesterday I wrote a very long list of Things To Do. And I managed to do most of them today. But I still have about 3000 little things to sort out (find a frame big enough to do a 12” silk paint on, etc). I did manage to completely ruin the painting I did on calico the other day, by painting far too much puff paint over the top of it….(it puffs up when you iron it), but I managed to scrape most of it off again. Then I just stitched a load of felt bits over the top and bingo!

 So now I am chillin’ with a glass of vino. Not gonna get much work done this evening 😊. But tomorrow!!!, Well, watch this space.........................