Mar 14, 2018


Soooooo, lucky me, I get to see Alice again, that makes 9 shows this year, a record for me! And John has always been on about how great Berlin is , so it was fairly easy to convince him that we should go for a few days....just hope we are not in a cupboard.

The hotel was pretty good actually, but of course there wasn't any tea...just as well I took my own supplies. I now have an array of kettles and water heaters, ffs, what wrong with Europe, don't they like tea???

So we wandered around Berlin , Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, and of course the Brandenberg Gateway. Such a strange city, so much of it was bombed, so you find lots of new buildings, but hardly any old ones....

And then there was the gig. They wouldn't let me in with my camera, so we spent several minutes outside, trying to hide it in my arm pit.........partly successful, ie, I got in ok, but then later noticed that my Evenstar pendant was missing.....:(... I think we broke the chain..)
I had a  great view of the gig, but was slightly too far away to throw Alice  my roses, so I saved them for Nita.
All of the guys came out for the aftershow thing, good see them again , and thank you Ryan, for the tix and passes! I gave Nita my roses, well , what was left of them, and she was lovely, very thankful........At the stage door, I saw Kyler, and managed to get the jacket of a kid behind me signed, plus my ticket, thank you Kyler!

PS, Thunder were pretty good! And that's it for another year....

Aaahhhhh, it was a great gig, sorry, it's been such a long time posting it......

And now I am looking forward to seeing the Hollywood Vamps at Wembley in June  :)

The UK tour

Bit of a blur, actually, it all went so fast! Steve stayed over at our place after we got back from Dublin, and then we set off for Leeds in the morning.
 I always try to get a place as close to the venue as I can, and the Ibis was about 2 mins walk, perfect!! We checked in and then went  to our room to have a bit of a rest......... I vaguely remember having to go back to the car at some point, for something or other, and I couldn't find the wretched thing.............I spent about 20 mins, pacing along rows of cars, clicking on my remote, hoping it would suddenly bleep at me.....and of course, constantly clicking the remote just happens to render the thing completely useless, meh.....................................I found it in the end, and managed to retrieve ..........whatever it was, hah.

Eventually,  we went off to the meet up point, which just happened to be a pub, right in front of the venue. Wetherspoons, of course, they get everywhere...
It was so great to meet up with everyone, it's been flipping ages since we had a tour to get excited about! Great to meet up with all you Sick Things! Honestly, I think this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the tour!

Brilliant gig. So BRILLIANT!!!  When Dennis, Mike and Neal came on at the end,  I cried. And I wasn't the only one. Never actually seen them live before (I was only 14 in 72, and the parents were like, No WAY................. I had to wait til 1975 to go see Alice.
It was theWelcome to My Nightmare Tour, which was AWESOME, obvs,  but of course they'd split up by then.  :(. I didn't think  I would ever see them play tbh, I was!!! SO awesome...........and then we met up with them after the gig! Well, Mike and Dennis, and they were LOVELY! What a fabulous night. :)

After Leeds it was off to Glasgow. We picked the hotel specially, cos we knew where the band and crew were likely to stay, and it's always fab to meet Alice at breakfast or whatever,  lol.
But then we met a guy in the lift - 'Oh I saw Alice this morning! Just before they checked out'. Meh. So close.................................
Well anyway, it was a great hotel, fab room etc, and as soon as we were ready, we ordered a taxi to take us to the venue. The driver, was so impressed with Steve's get up, he gave us a free ride in exchange for a pic with 'Alice' lol. Thank you Martin!!!

I think we were a coupla rows back from the stage, can't really remember, I'm sure I had roses tho  - think I asked Rachael to throw them on stage, I forget, but,I'm sure she made a better job than I woulda lol.

So, next day we had to get down to Brum, totally confused as to where we stayed, hah, but I do remember we went off to some tiddly record shop and met up with Dennis and Cindy, and I got my book signed. And then we all went off to have a curry. Think I may have paid for somebody elses as well as mine, but, hey, that's what happens when you consume a bottle of vino...........we had a great night I don't mind.

Next was Manchester, and we went to visit some of Steve's friends, Gary and Chrissy, who were LOVELY, and were more than happy to put us up for the night....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

As soon as we got in the venue, Steve was accosted and made to put his whip in a secure locker....I know they are paranoid about security after the bombing, so I understand why the security was hot. But I don't understand why there are so many FUCKING STEPS down to the front of the arena, Jeeeez, I thought I was gonna fall over on the way down, why are there no kinda platforms on the way,, just 350 steps straight down........arrrrrghhghhhgh.....

.......Second row for us not bad ^_^

After a night on the floor/sofa, we set off for somewhere else.........duh, was it Wembley?? Oh yeah the Premier Inn, where we met up with Sarah Claridge again - and loads of other Members of the Nation Of Ovine in a nearby pub.
Aaaaaah, the last gig....:(  but Steve and I had VIP thankfully, so we got to see the Master one last time -  and he thanked me personally for all my support and gave me a big hug....^_^
Ah, well, I guess that's it for another year. Except that I am off to Berlin in a few days, and will see him again there, lucky me ^_^