Jun 11, 2015

My 'local' Rock Pub

It isn't really local by UK standards, being 50 mins drive from my doorstep, but I suppose if you were American, it would be, ' I'm popping next door to the pub', seeing as they think nothing of driving 150 miles to go for a days shopping or sightseeing and that sort of thing.

I first discovered the Iron Road when Damon Johnson, late of the Alice Cooper band, and currently playing for Black Star Riders, AKA Thin Lizzy, announced he was coming to the Uk to play some acoustic gigs, in small venues around and about. Having seen him with Alice and with TL, I thought it was defo worth going, and I was not wrong, he is brilliant. I don't really do acoustic, really. But I loved it, such a treat for me I really enjoyed listening to him.

 I bought his album and it has become one of my favourite driving cds. Well, actually it's on my ipod, but I did listen to it exclusively for weeks after the gig.  Funny int it, how nobody really listens to whole albums any more, it's more a case of listening to playlists........................When I think of how it used to be, one LP on the turntable for 3 months, having to  pick off the needle to listen to the same track again and again, thereby rendering the vinyl scratchy, jumping and useless...............I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I'd be able to make a playlist of songs I wanted to hear, without having to listen to any of those tracks that were a waste of time, y'know what I mean.............


 brought along pal Ricky Warwick from Black Star Riders. It was flipping awesome to see these

Anyway, I am rambling. Since that first Iron Road visit, I have been back twice to see Gallus guys and it's a treat to see them in such a modest setting (it's a teeny weeny pub, with a stage the size of my dining table). And they are truly heroic in their efforts to pay homage to The Master, driving all the way down from Scotland with as many props as they can cram into their van - sadly the Iron Road is just too small for the gallows, but there are plenty of other things to make up for it, of course.  Alice's snake Veronica, straightjackets, whips, a manic nurse, canes, baby dolls, a noose hanging from the lightfitting and a multitude of awesome costumes for my friend Bill Crowe to wear (made by another friend Rachael!) - Cyclops, ('it smells in here' lol ) The Black Widow Spider),  Igor, and Frankenstein to mention but a few - and of course, they do all those songs you wish Alice would do. And I can't remember any of them atm, duh......

 Umm, wait, they did 'You Drive Me Nervous', which I love!! And it's a bloody good chance to yell your head off, singing along to all yer fave Alice songs. Seeing as the man himself has deserted us for the last 2 years.........................:(

So, back to Damon and tonight. It was clear from the beginning that Ricky was in charge.....and he is an awesomely powerful singer, they have an amazing chemistry, they know each other well and they play fantastically well together...............................And there were lots of TL hits, plus solo stuff, and some completely random and brilliant songs, like for instance. Ace of Spades! Bloody brilliant.

I saw Damon on his own last year, and I have to say, I preferred his slightly more laid back style, lots of rock tracks, sure, but also lots of his own ballads (oooh, did I say ballads??), so, I hope when he comes back, that he leaves Ricky behind.............. (oops, did I say that out loud??)

I did hear the bar owner asking Ricky if he would bring back some of his other band mates.....(eg Scott) but clearly that's not going to happen, it's a teeny pub.......even Ricky was saying, 'Well, he is Scott Gorham...',  and then, whilst waiting to speak to Damon, some chav pushed in front of me and shoved his girl inbetween DJ and Ricky, saying, 'Stand next to Scott and Ricky luv, for a pic'. I tried to tell him it was Damon, but he ignored me, and kept on calling him Scott. Damon was a gracious as ever, not correcting him, and letting him take silly amounts of photos.....grrrrrr.
But, what a fabulous night out, and not even an hour from my house, lol.

Ah well, bed is calling,  roll on the next gig......Foo Fighters at Wembley, omg, not excited, not at all,

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