Oct 20, 2011

What shall I do?

With less than a week to go til my much anticipated Meet and Greet with Alice, I'm still trying to decide what I should give to him. All of the ATC's have been put in a little book, so that's one possibility...........except that I like it quite a lot atm.............And then there's this picture I've been drawing. It isn't finished yet, but I really don 't know whether it's any good or not. Shall I finish it and give it to him? Or is it not really good enough - I can't decide what to do. Any comments good or bad would be much appreciated.
The nearer the day gets, the more nervous I get - but I am SO looking forward to it!!


  1. Wow... you should definitely finish the drawing and give it to him! I think he'd love it. Can't wait for the meet & greet! :D

  2. can't wait to see the ATC book IRL - looks fab Pen. what a flattering pic of Alice - you should give it to him!

  3. Wow, Pen, your drawing is fab. Definitely finish it and give it to him. Don't forget to put your phone number on the back. lol

  4. The picture is so original, he's sure to love it and get him to sign your atc book so that you can treasure it.

  5. I agree with all the others, the drawing. The drawing shows off your skill and, who knows, with such flattery as that shows, he may commission you to draw him in real life!! lol :0)

    I don't know why you don't draw more?

    What ever you decide I hope you have an amazing time.


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