Oct 7, 2011

Some more Alice ATC's.....

.....that I made to go in a little book, that I am considering giving to Alice when I meet him in 3 weeks. Not sure whether he'd be interested! Also I am working on something else which would be a much better gift, (assuming that I can part with it of course) But, such are my powers of procrastination, that it is entirely probable that I won't finish it. Still, it'll be on here eventually. Don't hold your breath.

I love the little skeleton hand charm - been trying to get some of these for ages, and then I found these on ebay, along with some skulls (cute) and spiders (not realistic thankfully)

Gorgeous Alice during his 'Hair Metal' stage (read 'Hair Backcombing' Stage)

I love this pic. I had it on my bedroom wall when I was 14. I used to spend hours getting lost in his eyes. . . . .


  1. wonderful pages Pen. love that black frilly stuff you're using. those charms are fab too aren't they. I can see why you might have trouble giving it to him!

  2. Oh yeah, these are wild. How could he not love them? Penny

  3. You're going to meet Alice in three weeks?? I am SO jealous! :)


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