Sep 18, 2011

My Next Book

My Alice Art Journals/Scrapbooks are expanding rapidly, I now have at least four and they are growing daily with no sign of letting up yet. This is the latest cover, lots of different bits and pieces ended up on here......the spine was a bit dodgy, cos I chopped off the cover at one point to join it to another book - I have since separated them again, (it was much too heavy to take for him to sign!) Having selected the right pix (2 of which were taken by me, preen preen) I did a rough layout and photographed it, because I knew I'd forget what it looked like.

Then I got lost in bits of paper, foil, lace etc etc and spent a happy hour cutting, tearing and sticking.

The spine was still a mess - I restuck it all with felt and masses of glue, and then ironed on some webby stuff called Fuse Ex (from Art Van Go) which covers a multitude of sins. Still needed something for the edge though, so after much rummaging I found a strip of bracelet-type leather and fixed a piece of black lace to it by binding with silver wire. Along the way I found and added a few silver embellishments including a spider, and then with yet more masses of glue attached it. Hope it all sticks together long enough for my next visit to see Alice!!

As usual, clicking on the pics gives you a much sharper view, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I wish I was able to go and see Alice in concert as many times as you do! (in fact, I would love to just go ONCE, haha. I finally have a job, so I'll be saving up my money for tickets, transportation, and accomodations, haha).

    Love your scrapbook ideas! You're so creative :)

  2. hoohoo Pen, great pages. I'm looking forward to seeing that spine IRL sounds just fab.

  3. It looks amazing & sounds devine with felt would be great to see it in "the flesh"

  4. Your fix on the spine sounds awesome Penny and the overall look of the cover is brilliant.Wish I could see it irl.

  5. Wow, I wish I was your daughter..Bet she is just amazing.

    Nice book too Penelope Bearcroft !! Love your work. :)

  6. But, are my daughter. Chip off the old block, eh?

  7. these are fantastic, Penelope :)


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