Oct 23, 2011

Ok I finished it....

And I may give it to him. Or not. It's funny, every time I draw something, one minute I'm really pleased with it, and the next I think it's awful. Sometimes I really love drawing, but sometimes I find it really stressful, lol. Specially when you're using charcoal/pastels, they're so bloody messy and you can't really rub it out if it goes wrong. I think that's why I took to collaging ripped up bits of paper and slapping on random inks- it's not possible to make a mistake....if you don't like a bit of it you just cover it up!

Then I had a rummage through a really old portfolio I dragged out of the loft the other day.....and found these.

George Michael, in his Wham days I think
I feel sure this is Katherine Hepburn 
Mel Gibson but his hair went wrong

Dave Gilmour. The paper I drew it on is black, but I have no idea how to photograph it properly because I am crap at that sort of thing. I'm sure somebody out there will be able to tell me how to do it


  1. I think you should give Alice his Alice portrait! Of the others, I think George Michael looks great - but then he does....

  2. The ATC of Alice is amazing! This is beautiful :)

    I'm sure he would be totally impressed/touched if you gave it to him!

    I'm just super, super jealous that you're actually going to meet him again......I wanna meet Alice Cooper sooooo badly!

  3. wow - so much more depth now. be brave Pen!!! LOVE that Dave Gilmour pic. The red lighting is fabulous

  4. I cannot tell you how to photograph it, but I would be over the moon if you could tell me how to draw like you can. I think your drawings are amazing.

  5. These are really so very, very good. I admire what you do here. penny

  6. WOW! That is amazing Penny. So lifelike. You should advertise your talents, they are worth a fortune, x

  7. You have totally captured his eyes.

    You are very talented Pen. Maybe you should offer to do portraits at work for a fee....:0))

  8. love that Dave Gilmour pic especially, you are a fantastic "portraiter" (I don't think that's a real word :) )


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