Oct 27, 2011

The V.I.P. Experience part 1

WOW, what a fab night I had seeing Alice at Bristol. Wasn't sure whether they would let the vips in early or not, so I got there about midday just in case. The queue was inside for once and on a carpet, so much more comfortable than the usual, and we didn't get wet!! I met Sarah Stacey, another Sarah (thanks for the wine!)and Jo, as well as all the usual suspects, I don't even know half their names but they're always there, right at the front.....

We had to keep asking for our tickets and passes, and eventaully got them about half past 4 (I think..... I 'd completely lost track of time by then) and stapled to my letter was a note saying that I should go to the backstage entrance at the end of Wicked Young Man, during Killer, and I would be met and allowed onstage. Nervous? You betcha. I was sure I would fall over.

Anyway we did get let in 5 minutes early so we picked a spot to the right of the stage and then waited some more, listened to the support band (The Treatment) who were ok, but a bit too loud even for me (note to self, earplugs tonight)and then Vincent Price did his bit and Alice was there at the top of the tower. Big cheesy grins all round, and then we all started singing and shouting and jumping up and down like little kids - SO much fun!

I managed to catch a dollar bill during BDB and another one off the floor later - no guitar picks today, although I had a bit of a tussle with the girl next to me over one......ah well I thought, you can have it, I get to meet him later. No canes thrown our way either sadly.

What a great show, he was really on form and when it got to WYM, I couldn't wait any more so I left my front row spot and waited anxiously by the backstage door. Karen Ann Hunter, lovely wife of Steve, came out to get me, and took me backstage - I got to see Killer, I Love The Dead and most of Schools Out from the side of the stage. Saw all my new mates in the front row and we were waving to each other like idiots!!

Also caught a view of the Guillotine in action, if only it had been on my side I might've been able to see how he does it. Then it was my turn, KC handed me 2 balloons and told me to follow him across to the other side of the stage and chuck 'em into the audience. On the way Tommy came up to me, and made one of his mad faces, so I bashed him on the head with one. Am happy to report that I didn't fall over!! KC let me throw 2 more balloons out then I had to go back. Except that I wasn't about to battle my way through a jostling crowd of mainly much taller people, so I only saw Elected from the back........and then we went down into what Toby called The Dungeon' to meet him. But more of that later.............

PS. Thanks to Jo for some of these great pics xx

PPS. Off to Brum now for tonights show, so part 2 coming later. Watch this space!!


  1. Oh my god! This is just too cool!!! I'm so excited to hear what happens next!!!

  2. I can't wait to read the next bit even though I was there! What a brilliant night.

  3. I'm so pleased for you - it must've been incredible to be up close and personal to Alice and the band. Next year it's my turn for the VIP treatment!!

  4. How exciting for you Peni. Can't wait to hear the next instalment, x

  5. Wow, what a wonderful time you've had.


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