Jan 17, 2011

More of Alice

Been playing with my Alice scrapbook over the past few days - have to say I can thoroughly recommend this particular kind of mid life crisis, specially if you're completely p*ssed off with laundry, cleaning, Mondays, dishwasher emptying, bedroom clearing, etc etc. All you have to do is think of something you were obsessed with when you were a teenager, and then search the internet for all that info you couldn't get way back then. Simples!!

Anyway, I digress. My lovely husband has spent hours at the laser printer, making copies of lots of beeeeyootiful pics for me to play with, and here are some of them in the book. Still got a lot of scribbling and painting to do, but it's sort of coming together.

These are all early Alice pics, from when he was about 23/24 - I had several of these stuck on my bedroom wall (and ceiling - it was a small room) and I thought he was absolutely GORGEOUS.....(actually, I still do, in spite of the fact that he's now 62, and a wee bit crinkly, lol)


This lot are all from the Halloween concert - I simply cannot wait to go and see him again this year, it was so good. Hope I can get nearer the front this time.
My ten year old daughter actually wants to come with me, haven't quite decided on that one yet, I fear she may get trodden on.

Although I will do my best to avoid her..... (JUST KIDDING SARAH, LOVE YOU LOTSxxx)


  1. This is a wonderful piece! I'm really thrilled to see how its turning out! I've attempted altered art several times and always have trouble; its nice to know that you're not having any "artist's block" with your muse!

    23/24 Alice is hot :) But, I also think he has a certain charm at 62...in fact, I think he's really hot still! ;)

  2. aw fab Pen. that concert will go down in history!! lol

  3. It certainly will:))
    And Emmy, I agree with your last statement wholeheartedly!

  4. this looks such fabulous fun to be making - all that cutting and sticking complete with eye candy lol

  5. Must admit to not having been on here for a while....wow an Alice fest going on!!!!


    Virginia of Celtic Attic told me to come check out your blog :P I see why now ;) Another Alice fan here who has turned a VERY unattractive shade of green at your scrapbook. It's gorgeous but then with such a drool inducing subject - it couldn't fail to be really could it?

    I missed his Halloween gig but went to the last Hammersmith one. We had front row balcony and I took my 10yr old daughter to that - it was her first time (I am proud to say when she was in nursery and asked to sing her favourite song it was Dirty Diamonds she serenaded them with *g* Though she has let me down in recent years by becoming a JLS and... s'cuse me while I vomit... a Justin Bieber fan. I think she is rebelling!)

    Will stop waffling now and leave you alone :)

    Carmen x


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