Feb 7, 2011

Oh No!!!!!

Terrible news - my scrapbook is full up. Not exactly finished, there's still a lot of scribbling to be done, but all the pages are covered in pics and ink and stuff, and the front cover is done.....what on earth am I going to do now? (in between washing/housework/cooking/ shopping/going to work/ironing ......) (Actually that last one is a LIE, I never do ironing if it can possibly be avoided, lol)
Well, obviously, I went straight out and bought another book and I will probably stick the covers together somehow to make one huge mega scrapbook. If this carries on, eventually it will be as wide as my hymnbook.....but I am having such fun doing it, there's no way I'm ready to stop now. And anyway, he'll be touring again soon(ish) so there'll be lots more photos to put in. Especially if I get my way and go to at least three concerts. .....(haven't told hubby that one yet, I think he might come to one with me, but will prob'ly think I'm bats cos I want to go again and again, lol.) I need to be nearer the front this time - that probably means standing in a queue for several hours, but it'll be worth it as I need to catch some freebie dollar bills and 'Dirty Diamonds' when he throws 'em out. I believe he even gives out some of his other props sometimes, like the canes he's always twirling, but I'll settle for a Billion Dollar Note - lets face it, no Alice scrapbook would be complete without one.

Some early group pictures - I think the one of the left was when they were still the Spiders or maybe it was the Nazz, and it was before they got into make up and girls clothes.... (anything to shock people.)

These are great pictures of Alice with snake (Kachina? Or maybe it was Eva Marie Snake...or Yvonne.....or Julius Squeezer..?) anyway, they were taken by David Bailey in about 1971. Alice lost a few snakes while on tour - Kachina disappeared one night and they had to leave without her. Eventually they got a call from one Charlie White, country singer, who found a snake in his hotel room, hiding in the bed springs. Nice.

The pythons had to be fed several rats before they went on stage so they would be sleepy and not strangle Alice during the show.

These pages have some of my all time favourite Alice pics - I had a few of these on my bedroom wall and spent entire evenings just staring at them. Obviously I couldn't've got a lot of homework in those days.

Thought I'd better put some photos of my hymbook in - dunno whether it'll last another 30 years, so I wanted to have a record of it. Also on these pages are a couple of pics of yours truly, in my favourite dressing up outfit. I actually used to go out looking like this quite a lot, on the Tube up to Harrow tech for the Friday night gigs. It helped that I was thin enough to wear a leotard! These were taken in my friends bedroom where I had to change , because I don't think my mother would've let me out of the house looking like Alice., she never could understand my obsession, bless her.

Tribute page to some of the 32 albums Alice has released over the years. I had a big problem with this page in that when I'd finished it, I realised that it was upside down - oh well, never mind, I never really liked perfection anyway.

Still deliberating on whether to take the ten year old to a concert or not. I can just imagine being in the middle of Billion Dollar Babies or Schools Out (heaven forbid!)when she decides A) it's too loud, B) she can't see and can I lift her up (whose gonna lift me up?) Or C) she wants the loo/a drink/food, and I have no way of explaining to her that, while she normally comes first in pretty much everything, I'm afraid that Alice is more important right now, so she'll have to find some one else amongst the heaving crowd of scarily made up weirdos to take her (what a terrible mother I am)....................... no, it's no good, she'll have to wait a few more years. Although he has just celebrated his 63rd birthday, I hope for her sake he's not planning to retire soon........ I think we're safe for a while - he's always said he won't give up whilst Mick Jagger is still touring., so I won't panic til Mick hangs up his mike.

This is the front cover. I love this pic of the group - I think it came on the front of the music score for Schools Out, and although I bought it, I've never been able to play a note. I just had to have ANYTHING with Alice on it in those days. And I always wanted a T shirt with Bitch Bitch Bitch on it......never did get one :))

I have millions of old press cutting in the hymnbook, but they're kind of difficult to read, so I was very happy to find these copies online - it's nice to be able to read them again.

I could go on and on, but if you've made it this far, you deserve a medal. Thanks for looking xx


  1. I'm guessing you'd already done what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyway. Why don't you send links or photos of your book to AC and ask if there was any chance of getting a dollar bill to complete it all?
    You have to be one of his biggest fans surely :0)(yeah I know, you are, but your names not Shirley, haha)

  2. LOL - Great minds Jo - I was going to say the same as you. He needs to know about this homage to him! It's really coming on a treat Pen. A fab labour of love and wonderful memories to relive.

  3. I loved your post and I know another Allice nut - sorry, fan who must see this, i shall have to send her a link to your web!

  4. Ohhh wow, how extraordinary, i just found my first fellow Alice C fan wooohoo !! Oh i am soooo chuffed. Love what you have done with this too and have just spent ages drooling.
    thanks for that
    Hope your week is going well.
    take care for now
    Hugs June

  5. When we went to the Eyes Of concert my sister caught a guitar pick and gave it to our friend as a thank you for driving us. I am STILL pig sick about it to this day! Stuff the thanks GIVE IT TO ME! Buy her a box of chocs!

    When we went to the last one, when we took my daughter (she must have been about 8 at the time as she is 10 now and yes she loved it, her face was a picture when he started singing after they chopped his head off, she still asks me how they did it now!) we were on the balcony and we witnessed a punch up in the crowd below when he started throwing the necklaces.

    Luckily my lot know that Alice always comes first :P In the nicest possible way *ahem*

    I agree with everyone else - write to Alice or loiter at stage door and leap him. Am so jealous of your books and also getting to see him 3 times this year!

    Oh BTW - Helen up there is talking about me, she left me a comment on mine the other day telling me to get my backside over here :D


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