Jan 4, 2011

Calendar Challenge

In a moment of madness the other night, I decided to join the Calendar Challenge over on The Kathryn Wheel - It's a brilliant idea and a great way of recording random trivia over the year. Yes, I know it's Jan 5th already, but better late than never.
It really needs to be done in an A4 book, so you can get a month over a double page spread, but as my New Years rez no. 1 is to Use All The Stuff I Have Bought Over The Years And Stuffed Into A Drawer, I decided to dig out an A5 spiral bound book with black pages that I got a while ago, for........er, something or other.

I took the spiral binder off first, so that the pages don't contaminate each other - heaven forbid I should make a mess, LOL. - when I've done them all, I can stick it back together again.
Being black, it's turning into a bit more of a challenge than I first thought, but thankfully my paint dabbers haven't quite dried up yet, so that's what I used for my first month. Hopefully I'll come up with lots of other ways to make it all show up. Either that or I'll just give up, like I did with my New Year Diet.....
Defeatist talk I know, BUT...... so far, it's a lot more fun that depriving yourself of the last 5 choccies in the Quality Street tin, etc etc.
Because they're only A5 , January actually ended up being 4 pages, 5 if you count the title. My little squares for each day had to be cut slightly smaller so's they would all just about fit- let's hope nothing much happens on the 16th Jan.
Right, now I'd better get on and write something for the first five days.....I'm not much good at remembering what I did yesterday, never mind last week, but I'm sure I'll think of something:)


  1. fab pages Pen. funny how small things stand out - LOVE your white doodles LOL

  2. great projekt Penny!! love the colours ou used!

  3. Love this Penny! And thanks for the prompt. I had really meant to do a similar journal after reading Kate's article in CS. Been a bit hectic since 1 January ... but it would be good to start even now. Thanks for the inspiration and I may make a couple of pages in black!

  4. That's fab Penny. Love the layout of your pages.

  5. lol, I've not written in mine since Sunday, best get on! Glad you had a moment of madness and joined in though, let's see how far we all get! Love your colour choice :)

  6. Great pages and the black looks good! Looking forward to this challenge and seeing more of your pages.

  7. Very attractive and really good using up things you already have.

  8. So beautiful pages! It would be lovely to see how you have filled them in also!


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