Dec 21, 2010

Long time no see

Well, no blogging anyway.

This is almost entirely owing to the fact that I am still in my AliceCooper, 1972 fixated time warp (which I have to say I am enjoying immensely!)
Anyway, I managed to combine art with obsession, and have started a new journal/altered/replacement hymn-book. A while ago I went to a fabulous class at LB Crafts, where we did some journal background pages in an A4 book, so I though I would put these to good use.

This Top Ten double page spread was actually created out of ten pages - each one was torn down its length and painted and then stuck to the one beneath - each one being slightly bigger than the last. The torn edges were rubbed with gold paint, and the numbers one to ten added at the top (well, right hand side in this pic).
I decided to list my top ten Alice tracks - I'm loving rediscovering the old songs of my mispent and distant youth. The kids are getting fed up with me dancing round the kitchen singing, (or rather yelling) 'I'm Eighteen, EIGHTEEN and I LIKE IT' at the top of my voice. But it helps with the ironing.

This one has some of the pictures we took on the night of the concert, plus my ticket and VIP pass. Hey look! It's us with the man himself -all these years I waited to get my pic taken with him and then I look like an escapee from the Womens Institute AGM. (Carol, of course, looks great, but then she has Proper Hair)

I found a multitude of old pictures online - what fun I had searching t'internet for old pics, (saddo that I am, lol), and so much easier and cheaper than buying all those crappy 70's fan mags - some of these are in the original hymnbook but there's plenty more that I'd never seen before - this page is a collection of images of the original Alice Cooper Group, including the gorgeous, but sadly deceased Glen Buxton. They haven't done much as a group since Billion Dollar Babies, and Muscle of Love but did get together the other night in Phoenix for Alice's annual Christmas show. I said to John on Sat morning, I like to go to Phoenix tonight is that ok? He said, you'll be lucky if you can get out of the village , the car is buried under 2 foot of snow....

I drew a number of Alice pics over the years , but seem to have lost most of them - still have this one, but it is slightly faded. Time to get the pastels out again, I think.
More coming soon (ish.)Don't hold your breath, though:)


  1. OMG Pen - I can't wait to see this IRL. It's FAB!!!!!!!!! You've got me on YouTube playing the old Alice tracks too - some great music to revisit. I love the drawing that you did. You should do some more (if you feel like it of course!LOL)

  2. PS - love all those doodles round the pics of the band

  3. lovely to see you back blogging :) and with such fab journal pages, and your drawing is wonderful :) Happy Christmas Penny :)

  4. brilliant Pen!!!!

    The drawing is incredible!!!!!!!!!

  5. heehee I was chuckling and singing throughout reading this. Brilliant. lol @ escapee rofl..

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun at LB.

    You are a very talented pastel artist Pen. A fantastic likeness.

  6. Hi, it's Sarah from Cooperstown. :) Saw the link there to your blog and decided to drop by. I love your drawing! And all the pics of Alice and the band. Meeting him at the Roundhouse was wonderful for me too, my head is still spinning after that tango! Hope to see you at another show some time!

  7. Oh I love this! Makes me want to sing and dance round the kitchen now.

  8. Pen - its fabulous, lots of gorgeous textures and techniques there to look back on (as well as Alice :0)


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