Mar 28, 2016

Thunder and Lightning

I hate this time of year. Bugger all happening, the weather is so SHITE. Every year since about 1980, I have dreamed of spending Jan and Feb in Fuerteventura, I guess it will have to wait til I retire......which I hope is SOON.

Anyway, Steve and I needed a gig to go to in Feb,but as I said, bugger all happening, and I tried SO hard to find something interesting for us to go to - to no avail. And then, right out of the blue, I get an email from Planet Rock - 'You have won tix and a Meet and Greet with Thunder at Colston Hall, Bristol, on Tues 16th Feb'
Well, knock me down and call me skittles.
I often enter Planet Rock random competitions these days, mainly because I once won tix and a M&G with Alice back in those post cancer days, when I was looking for something to live for.... and it seemed like karma when it happened. Certainly, it precipitated my immediate post-chemo rejuvination in the form of almost total participation in anything concerning Alice anywhere local (and beyond, even including Vegas))!

ANYWAY, I was ecstatic! I mean, Thunder are really good and I knew it would be a great gig!! And it filled that February vacuum for me and Steve.
But.......... these things are always better than they seem right?? And so it turned out......... Steve couldn't make it ......and....well, I ain't gonna go without my gig buddy. So, luckily,  I happen to have a couple of mates who were keen to go, Nick even knows Danny, and I knew they would be so happy to get tix. So I offered them to him and his girlfriend and I think they had a great time !!

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