Dec 28, 2015

My Alice Lego prezzie is still hanging around...

From 'Alice' on his website. That'll be the admin then.

'Going thru my carry on during the drive to Manchester for tonight's show with Motley Crue. You never know what's lurking in the bottom of my bag. Sometimes it's a knife, but occasionally It's a toothpick. Maybe it's Pepcid AC. Life is a gamble so who knows. Anyway I found this guy stowing away. Got this as a gift at a meet and greet recently. I've been turned into all manner of toys and things lately, but you really haven't made it in life until you've been turned into a Pez Dispenser. I'm WAITING!!!!!'

Great to hear that this little guy I gave to Alice at the Plymouth M&G back in October is still around. It appeared on Instagram a little while ago with the above text.

Now, we all know that it isn't Alice texting this stuff, so I am wondering who had the nerve to go through his bag, and see what he was carrying!

I s'pose he had to be giving permission to do so, but I am still left wondering who the hell is posting this stuff??  Alice has always hated computers and the internet, and I can't see that changing this radically in the near future, so........who are you?

Having said that, I am mighty pleased that my little prezzie made an appearance on Instagram in Alice's name, even though I am sure he had bugger all to do with it.

Thank you stranger, whoever you are.

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