Dec 4, 2014

Las Vegas Calling

It's a pre blog...

Have booked an EPIC trip to Vegas to see Alice...This is gonna be a trip of a lifetime :) I have been lucky enough to have had more than one of those already, this will be about my 5th! And I plan to cram in as many more lifetime trips as I can.....

So, down to nitty gritty.........(deep breath)

There has been much faffing in the Bearcroft/Coleman camps...shall we/shan't we? Can we get the time off?..........Can we afford it?......Shall we do it anyway?...............and, eventually we decided, YESSSS!!!! And, with eta only 3 weeks to go, we managed to talk one Peter Woodrow into coming with us. (it wasn't hard!)

And then I tried to book the flights, good grief, what a load of aggro. Yes, you can have these , oh, actually no you can't, but we have these more expensive ones? No, ok, well, we can send you even more ridiculous prices via email, what about this one at 12 times your original price?? No? well we'll take your money anyway and hang on to it for a week, so you have a bloody big hassle booking anything else. FFS.

But, eventually, I managed to book some flights at a halfway decent price, along with 2 hotels, (same place as gigs - and the band of course, although Vegas hotels are so flipping huge, we'll probably be in a different block) and some row B tix, yep, ROW B! for both gigs,  - and the rest of it can wait til we get there.....

This is a longer trip than usual, so I think I might have to record it en route.
Looking forward to many, many things as well as the shows, amongst them are,
 1: Going to Cooperstown for the first time! And on Thanksgiving!
2: Actually going to the Parking Lot M&G's and meeting up with Ryan and probably Nita the new guitarist (we have seats, so, no mad rush to get to the barrier, and then having to stick on it for hours)
3: Buying some of Alice's cast offs in Alice's Attic Thrift Store. Big thing for me this is!!
4: Meeting up with the crew, hope we get the chance to go out for a drink/dinner again.
5. Did I mention going to Cooperstown?

And about 2000 other things.

Tuesday 18th. Suitcase is all ready to go! Well, there's not much in it, yet but I should be able to spot it on the carousel easily enough

Thursday 20th. 
Have actually managed to put some things in it today. Still got a few things to do (repair my boots, make sure I have every charger I need, (lol Pete) and sort out my travel ins etc...

And we're off!!

Mon 1st Dec. And we're back! Woopee *cries*

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