Nov 13, 2014

Brighton Rock 2

Brighton Rock 2

Seems like no time since we were here. And now we're back again for another Whole Lotta Led weekend, first here and then on to Southampton for a second gig. The first one is back at Concorde 2 - and I noticed on the wall, that a Foo Fighters tribute were playing there in about 3 weeks, but I couldn't quite talk Ann into it, lol. If only I'd known at the time the real Foo Fighters were going to be doing the Concorde, I might've taken up residence in a corner. I would LOVE to see them live, but I really can't stand the kind of stadium gigs they have to do..........nope, I want them to come and play in my garage, in amongst the bits of wood John is saving 'just in case they come in  handy'. Or some little pub somewhere. But the Concorde would've done, it's a great small venue.

Everybody was staying at Blaggies, except Lee of course as he lives five minutes down the road. Ann booked the rooms, and as we arrived first, we got to pick which one we wanted. We always stay in room 12, 2 singles, lovely view over the roof complete with junk, broken blind, strange extra door in the bathroom etc. So this time we had room, um, 14, I think, much bigger, with a view over the lovely garden, and the gypsies parked illegally on the village green.

Anyway, the day of the gig was Nick's birthday, so we had to sort him out a cake and he said he was going to get some champagne in. And after the show - which was BLINDINGLY good btw, great sound good audience, loads of fun, we retired to Blaggies dining room, eating sandwiches and cake and drinking champagne! As I hate warm wine, I managed to find some ice in a freezer out in a hallway, (this is the most bizarre hotel).

In the morning we all met up for brekkie, and then retired to Lee's place for more tea and Frans homemade biscuits. When it was time to go, Ann decided to go in the van, as I was driving to Steve's to pick him up for the gig. We met up with everybody at the venue, and set ourselves up at the front - the stage is so high here, I can just about lean my chin on it. Another great gig, although the sound was not quite right somehow...and it was David's last show. Hate to see him go, but I guess he's just had enough. He and Pippi have just moved to a beautiful house in the Forest of Dean, so I hope he remembers us for the housewarming party. *waves at David*

 The band have a possible replacement lined up, but I dunno how it's gonna pan out yet. But we'll be there regardless, because I love these guys, and I love their music.

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  1. when you're a very elderly lady stuck in your wheel chair - think of all the wonderful memories you'll have Pen! lol


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