Aug 14, 2014

Adventuro Beasto!

Apologies, blog fans. Have been hit by an attack of  Major Apathy and the Blog has suffered accordingly. Tis not that I haven't been doing anything (except for art things - haven't done a blasted thing for months ) But I have still been gigging as much as I can! 

So anyway, I am going to try and catch up, starting with the very exciting Beasto Blanco gig, way back in, um, the distant past. Lets see what I can remember.......
 At last!! An Alice related gig!!! Been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely time............ I was very excited that Chuck is coming  to see us here in UK. And that he was not alone, no no, one Calico Cooper was  with him, and also his band, Beasto Blanco! So we decided to make a weekend of it, and Claire booked a wonderful apartment opposite the Arsenal football ground, about 20 mins from the venue in Islington. Claire and Steve came to my place at about midday and we set off for London, using her trusty Irish satnav - (which unfortunately made Steve revert to his native Irish accent. To be sure....) 
What a great place to stay, 2 beds, nice living room and kitchen, even a garden! - the only downside was the complete lack of wine glass between us, no baking tins or bowls, a gas hob with only one match.....and nothing to drain the spaghetti with except a tea strainer....
but there were some nice cow pictures on the wall.. (wtf?)  Anyway  in spite of all that, we'll be using this again, it was great. I will just take some glasses  next time.

So, we tried to park the car........ right turn, up the road, along a bit, another right turn, and then somewhere on the right, another right turn -aaaaand back to the beginning again, ffs....................but we eventually found the car park behind some gates. Not labelled 'Car Park' or anything useful, but, hey.
Some cooking and 3 bottles of wine later, we called a taxi to take us to the gig........And then we found a pub nearby and met up with Steve Lewis, Yvonne and  Ben, Peter,  and Sparky!! So good to see everybody!! And as we neared the venue, we saw one Andy Michael wandering about, so we knew we were in the right place - and there was a queue!  There was a slight problem with the tix, Steve having printed off the wrong bit from the email, but luckily Chuck came out and said hi, and sorted it for us, so we got in in the end- and what a tiny place! Perfect for a gig really, I like the small ones, you always get a better view wherever you stand, and the vibe is always good. The warm up guys were ok, but I never really have much time for the support band (Ugly Kid Joe excepted) and only really get excited for the main band. And Beasto were great!! Calico stole the show - a real chip off the old block!! They ripped through the  Live Fast Die Loud CD, throwing in Who Do You Think You Are, just to make us all excited. T some point Cali handed out the mike to us, All I could come up with was Hello, but Claire managed some actual singing, egged on by Steve behind us shouting 'Sing woman sing!'

 Bloody good they were, so I bought  the CD and after the show we took loads of pics with them - I bargained with the the seller and got a sticker and plectrum thrown in. Calico was happy to take pics with us, so I took loads!
Shoulda got Chuck to sign my cd, but mebbe next time .

We hung around for ages afterwards, loitering around the back door near the tour bus - but security wouldn't let us go near it.......although Claire did help with the loading (she was the door stop!!!) But when Chuck came out,  he came over to see us, for a few more pics and a chat!!


Brilliant gig, what a treat to see them over here!!
So off we went, back to our lovely flat, via taxi. Unfortunately Steve managed to lose the key enroute, so we spent several anxious minutes, crawling around on the pavement to the amusement of the taxi driver, trying to be quiet and not succeeding very well, Claire and I kept going SHHHHHHHH which I'm sure didn't help. Apologies to the neighbours. Eventually found it down between the seats in the taxi.

I think we managed to dodge the congestion zone, had an awesome time in the process, and very nearly went off to Scotland to see Chuck again......coming up next PROJECT GERMANY.

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  1. lol - well done Pen on managing to blog. another great adventure to add to the collection !


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