Aug 28, 2013

The Counterfeit Stones

So, there we are, Maria and I,  2/3 bottles of wine down and feeling rebellious (as well as slightly pissed), and we decide to book tix to see The Counterfeit Stones as, A) they were on in Chelt and, B) it was much cheaper than the real thing. Maria and I were SO sure that we'd be able to convince Graham and Ann to come along, (in spite of the fact that they were both sitting there saying 'NONONONONOOOOOOOOO') that we booked 4 tickets THEN AND THERE. We are so RADICAL, GO US.

And then Maria had to spend the next week trying to convince Graham (who is actually a Stones fan) and Ann (who is just a fan of anything RADICAL) to come with us. And of course they did in the end, bless them both, and we had such a lot of fun, watching Nick Dagger et al try their very best to imitate the real thing. Well Maria and I did, but I think maybe Ann and Graham were a little underwhelmed. Turns out Ann doesn't even like the Stones........

I thought they were pretty funny, the guy playing Brian Jones was introduced first - 'Nice to see Brian again isn't it everyone?' says Dagger in true MJ drawl. And then later on, Brian became Mick Taylor, and then Ronnie Wood, complete with fag. 'Keef actually started off looking fairly normal, and slowly degenerated into the grey haired ancient we all know and love.

Lots of chat with the audience, pictures of (slightly altered) album covers on the backdrop - Knock up Your Daughters is the only one I can remember. Gotta say that the impersonation of Mick was better when he was talking, than singin, even though he was a good enough singer. T'was funny that I knew every song and Maria didn't know hardly any of them, lol.

Anyway, it was a great night out, and I'd recommend seeing them if they come round your way anytime soon.

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  1. Charlie Watts has a similar look Pen an the Ron Wood hair do ain't bad lol Glad you had fun!


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