Aug 28, 2013

Birthday Card

 This is a birthday card I made for FB friend Debbi - and because it was a 'special' birthday and I've only met her once briefly, I decided to go and visit her as she celebrated in her local rock pub. Never been to a rock pub before either, so that was intruiging. Ok, so it was in Wisbeach, about 3 hours drive away, but my mate Steve (who is always up for an adventure) was happy to come along and drive, so off we went!

I think it took us about 4 hours in the end, but it was so worth it! Rock pub, 'The Gathering' is full of rock type decor, lots of skulls and the like, a juke box with Alice on it, and a tiny stage, even smaller than the one at Tithe Farm in Harrow, which was the place I used to frequent when I was a teeny bit younger - if I could get in, that was, I was never very good at lying about my age......Incidentally, Tithe Farm was a brilliant place, and I saw a lot of bands there including Dr Feelgood, and Kilburn And The High Roads, which was actually Ian Dury and the Blockheads in an earlier incarnation.....and Judas Priest, who I remember as being far too loud even for me...........or was that at Harrow Tech??

Anyway I digress.The Gathering had a band on, whose name escapes me atm, but they were pretty good, and they presented Debbi with a signed CD and then proceeded to deafen us all in true rock stylie. Later on we sat outside in the warm(ish) evening, waiting in vain for our Alice songs to come on the juke box, drinking Motorhead wine,  and smoking cigarettes, even tho A.) Steve gave up smoking a few weeks ago, and B.) I gave up smoking about 25 years ago.....(John, just ignore this part). Haven't had any since, honest.

Poor Debbi. We plied her with drinks, which unfortunately got the better of her in the end, so we all stumbled back to our pub at about, um.........fuck, I don't know what time, and crashed out. Luckily for us the pub we were staying at was only about 25 steps away. And it was extremely comfortable I have to say, considering how cheap it was. Ok the bathroom was slightly smaller than a shoe box, but, hey, at least there WAS one.

Morning arrived, and with it a full English breakfast, yum yum. Don't normally eat breakfast at home but I always make the most of it when I'm in a hotel. Unfortunately Debbi didn't feel up to it, bless (sorryDeb!!) but other half Gee joined Steve and I for a major bacon and sausage feast. And then sadly it was time to hit the road again, so we said our goodbyes and set off home.

I had a great time, thank you to Deb and Gee, and Steve, as always, and now I am looking forward to the next adventure!

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  1. lol - sounds like a wonderful trip Pen but what a long haul! Judas Priest was Harrow Tech and don't forget Global Village Trucking Company/Ace/Racing Cars etc etc!


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