May 10, 2013

Wolverhampton Wanderings

What're you all looking at?

Welcome To My Nightmare
So, after a days rest, off I went optimistically to Wolverhampton, armed with Maria's trusty satnav, and a lotof maps. No problems today, I thought. But so many piddly things went wrong , it's a miracle I made it at all. First thing was a big accident on my route so I had to make several detours....about 10 - bloody satnav was no help at all, kept trying to take me back to the shut road.........At least it gave me time to relearn the words to Man Behind The Mask. ANYWAY I got there in the end, and the car park was opposite the venue, wow, how convenient!! Except that the gates shut at midnight, FFS I had no idea how long the VIP was gonna be, that kind of thing makes me stressed out........And then I managed to spill what seemed like several pints of water in my lap on arrival, so I had to make a quick detour to New Look to buy some dry clothes...ok, I thought, nothing else could go wrong, could it? Huh...

Met up with Steve C,  Steve L, and Kate - (great to see her again!) and we positioned ourselves in front of a door, so we could be first in. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ..and we waited. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 Eventually the box office opened so I went in to get my ticket and VIP pass. I asked about early entry, but they were really vague, no, never heard of that, etc etc. Now, at this point,  I know I should've pushed it, sometimes you need to be demanding and I KNOW that, so I don't really know why I didn't, but I suppose it was because  I was right at the front of the queue, and I was so sure I would get in first.. So, when the doors opened, we rushed in  - and they looked in my bag and said 'you can't take that camera in, you'll need to put it in the lock up'. WTF?? Couldn't believe it, I had taken so many pics with it the night before and nobody so much as batted an eyelid......!!!! They insisted I go with them to a lock up, and then they couldn't find the wretched key, so they made me wait til they found it....grrrrrrrrrrrr......took bloody AGES....... I was SO cross......

So , eventually I got into the auditorium. After zillions of others. But I managed to muscle my way to the Steve's (Coleman, Lewis and Crayn)  and ended up in the second row. Not too bad I thought, and the Steves were very protective, bless 'em, just as well, cos there was a drunk right behind me, and I was expecting his pint (or something worse) all down my back at any point...... (But, but, but.... I wanted to be at the front, WAAAHHHHHH, sob sob, stamps foot.) And then, later on I discovered that all the other VIPS HAD got in early, grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ANYWAY, the sound was much better tonight, and so were the band. Didn't manage to catch any beads or dollar bills, but it was a great show, and they dropped yet another cover, it was replaced by Caffeine, which was GREAT!! Pyro was working tonight too, very impressive.

As soon as Schools Out was finished I made a mad dash to the foyer to get my camera for the M&G, and they faffed around for another ten minutes, FFS, sometime TODAY would be good............ before eventually finding the key again, and then I dashed off stage left to meet Toby -  and I was also looking out for a guy called David Young, who I had been in touch with on FB, he was doing his first VIP. We met up and were hanging around, waiting to go in, when Shep Gordon came up the stairs.....but I wasn't brave enough to say hello.   

Bloody camera let me down again, Kyler had one of his own so I shoulda let him use it, but I didn't....... so all my pics are slightly out of focus........
I had my water confiscated on the way in as well, (it's such a lethal weapon) so I was gasping by this time, luckily Alice's cooler was in the corner and they let me have one of his vitamin waters. And I still have the bottle, sad, eh??.

Sheryl was there too, she looked at my latest scrapbook, and signed it for me, and I gave them the OK photos Alice had asked for in Milan. Kyler was great as usual, and handed out the fake roses the management had decided was a suitable decoration for a dressing room. And then far too soon we were done, so I rushed out and over to the car park (just about made it out before  12.30). I met up with the boys, Steve C, Steve L, Brett, and off home we stop Bournemouth.

PS These pictures are a bit crap, because I didn't have my EFFING camera and had to take them on my phone, from the second row. Meh.

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