May 10, 2013

Oh I do like to be beside the sea side...

Bournemouth. After a days rest, and a second dose of purple hair dye, hubby John, (bless 'im) drove me to Bournemouth, and we loitered around on the seafront for a while, soaking up the winter sun whilst shivering in our winter coats. And then we went into a coffee shop and bumped into two fifths of Ugly Kid Joe - Whit Crane and Sonny Mayo!! I just had to tell them how great we all thought they were, one of the best supports Alice has had. They were very charming and posed for pics, whilst John tried to get to grips with my phone camera. Normally pretty good with a lens, he falls to pieces when you present him with a touch screen.
With Steve and Jenny S. before the show. And My Stars, hope they get the hint

Duff enjoys the show from the best seat in the house.
 Met up with Steve, Steve and Jenny and we made extensive use of the bar facility :) This was a seated venue and we were all in the front row, so no need to panic. Have to say, I do like this seated venue idea, means your place is guaranteed, you can spend time in the bar, and not bother with the support band,(although not in this case, they are AWESOME) and you obviously don't have to sit down through the out the show....AS IF  We had heard a rumour that they had rehearsed My Stars, and, this being my favourite Alice song, I was keen to hear them play it. So, Jenni (H)brought along some star stickers, which we plastered our faces with, just in case they didn't get the message. Didn't work sadly, but Tommy thought it was very funny.

Alice's String Quartet

Right at the front this time, courtesy of getting a row A seat, I think this was the show where I had a friend take my camera in for me, but then the security people wouldn't let me use it grrr. Another great show, got some dollars this time, but still no beads. There Is Still Time.......... Can't remember if this was where the link between Feed my Frankenstein and the covers changed, instead of voice over man, Alice came on stage and actually talked to us about the Hollywood Vampires, and how he was the only one left. Or maybe that was Wembley :)

Afterwards we all went off to Steve's gaff down the road a bit, to catch some ZZZZ's ready for Wembley the next day.

I used to go to Wembley a lot. Sunday market, Empire Pool - saw Alice and Pink Floyd there in 1974/5 - but I can't recognise it any more, it's changed so much. We parked and walked down to the Pool, and it was SO nostalgic for me. Even tho I couldn't really work out where I was, lol. Alice has handprints in the cement out the front....which used to be the road to York House, where I worked for about a year.....    Met up with Sunila, and Sarah Stacey (great to see you again, my friends!!) as we waited in the queue - no seats on the floor here, standing room only. Although I did actually buy a seated ticket accidentally - off to the side of the stage, about 4 rows up (just about the same place I was when I saw the Floyd, incidentally). So I was just hanging around to meet up with friends. And zombies, of course, a lot of them appeared a couple of hours before the show :). They were great, what a fabulous gig that must be, would love to do that!!! One of them got very close to me and went Grrrroooooowwwwwwwwwwww(or something) into my face, and then totally spoilt the effect buy stepping on my toe, and saying, 'oo sorry', LOLOLOLOL.

Luckily for me, Sunila's friend Rob had a standing tic, and was prepared to swap with me - so I got to go in with my friends.....

Steve went round to the other side as there were 2 entrances (jeez, I HATE that) and between us we managed to get pretty near the front...Being Wembley, the stage was much higher than usual, so being right at the front didn't neccesarily guarantee the best view.. . . . . . . .Still pretty good tho :)

More changes tonight, instead of original Voice Over man, or Alice, we had a different scenario. Apparently, Alice was supposed to have 'died' onstage during the 'Feed My Frankenstein' transition, and come back to pay tribute to his drinking buddies, but, as nobody actually got it, they made the voice over a bit more obvious, whilst Alice was seemingly trapped in the graveyard.

Same four covers, Break On Through, Revolution, (with Lennon Glasses), Foxy Lady, My Generation, but the set list order changed, with I'm Eighteen / Under My Wheels / Poison / School's Out, at the end, rather than just finishing with Schools Out.

Excellent show, the band just get better and better. Alice threw the Caffiene cup out towards the German twins, Andrea and Claudia, but it didn't quite go far enough and smashed on the ground between the stage and the barrier. Bloody security guys wouldn't give us any of it, meh. Still no beads....but I have enough dollars to paper my room :) And so to Nottingham.

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