Aug 27, 2011

Another journal

As my current journal type scrapbook has ended up being rather large, I realise it's too big to take anywhere, so I made a smaller one to take to Dublin and London. I painted and distressed all the pages first and then bound it, gathered up my trusty pens and set off. The photos I put in afterward (obviously, doh)and I've been adding assorted scribble and bits of paper ever since. No such thing as a finished journal, right?

I love this pic - I had it on my bedroom wall waaaaaay back in 1972. In fact I like all the really old pics - most of which I've only been able to find cos of t'internet - if only I'd had that when I was 14.

Didn't take these unfortunately, but they are so good I had to include them.

Damon was hanging around after the London gig, so I got him to sign my book. Steve Hunter and Chuck were also there, dunno why I didn't get them to sign it time. Hope there is a next time - PLEEEZ Alice, play some more small clubs

Now this is one of my faves, bit blurry I know but it's all mine.......

Mine also.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
Stage booty

100 Club

If you click on the photos you get a sharper image - no idea why.


  1. Gasp! I LOVE THIS! :)

    Awesome job! Wish I could make something as creative as this! And of course, the fact that it's about Alice Cooper only makes it 20 times better!

  2. your journal is fab Pen. as you say, if only we'd had the internet when we were kids!!! love your change of blog header etc too. definitely an Alice blog now.

  3. It is fabulous! Gorgeous grungy, inking book full of perfect pictures!

  4. Love your new header and altered blog ;-) It all looks fabulous. Have you shown Alice any of your journals. Hope you manage to get the rest of the signatures on it one day.


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