Jun 2, 2010

Holiday Journal

I managed to complete a few pages of this at last - I printed off some photos and added a bit more scribbling.Still got some pages to fill, but it's more or less there...

The first few pages I did at the airport and on the plane. I'm not great at flying, but it has to be done if you want to go anywhere, so I endure it as best I can. I tried to use my gold pen, but as soon as I took the top off, it went 'spleurgh' and made a pretty pattern on my page.

When I was ill and stuck in bed, I had this dream of sitting outside a lovely apartment in the warm with a nice cold glass of wine....
so that's the first thing I did when I got there.

I love eating out in Fuerteventura - you have to search to find proper Spanish food, but I was delighted to find that all the usual restaurant are now offering tapas - I guess they've realised not everybody wants chips with everything. So I started a list of everything I ate. I did accidentally end up with some chips one night but, hey ho, into every life, a few chips must fall. T'would've been rude not to eat them.

I haven't been there for a few years now, but it still feels like coming home when I arrive. And this one one of the nicest apartments I've stayed in.

I discovered a few things about myself, so I wrote a list of them as well, whilst sitting in my favourite bar with my new fave drink, a Mojito. I don't think it was a proper one, I swear there was no tequila in it, but there was certainly a lot of fruit. You'll notice I'm not the greatest poet in the world.

I only really noticed this bar because somebody had made cute collaged boxes for the cactus plants - good to see papercraft is alive and well in Spain!

One of the things I love about Fuerteventura is the amazing amounts of bougainvillea growing everywhere. I have one indoors at home, grown from a cutting I took on my honeymoon, but I have to keep it cut back as there isn't much room for it. What I need is a conservatory and then it can grow up the wall.....well, in summer anyway. It'll throw a fit and shed all it's leaves in winter but never mind.

All of the usual 'attractions' were not yet open for the season, including the Haunted House - we took the girls in one year and had to come out after 5 mins cos they were scared... Nice door, though.


  1. Beautiful :)

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  2. Love your journal, it looks amazing. I especially like the page about wine making you think less about food, lol!

  3. aw Pen it's coming on a treat. I love all of it. some of the doodles are so good, they look like they just evolved as part of the page and I don't notice them at first.

  4. Love your journal pages they have helped me see whats possible... I might now give it another go. I'd gone off art journals...

  5. Penny what a fabulous way to remember your holiday. I'm glad you managed to live your dream, sounds like a blissful place to be. :o)

  6. this is amazing, I'm loving it. Will have to come back later when I have more time to pour over it. Thanks for sharing this Pen

  7. wow, this is just fantastic, what a brilliant memory keeper, LOVE the wine poem, it's fab!! I think you're inspiring loads of us to go try and do a journal, I know I will be! Glad you had a good time as well. :)

  8. your journal is so cool. I really enjoyed teadingthe post as well

  9. I just found your blog and am loving it. This journal is amazing and I am blown away by your artwork. Just lovely!

  10. I love your travel journal and would be honoured if I could interview you by email to feature it on my blog - http://blog.journalcraft.co.uk.
    Please contact me on submissions @ journalcraft.co.uk


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