Dec 5, 2016

So that was it for having fun. The next few months were filled with hospital appts and fluid drains, and the growing realisation that IT was back and I needed to go thru chemo again. I felt I was only doing it for the family, that Ovarian cancer is a killer, and no matter what I did, it was going to get me in the end. On the plus side, it was actually an entirely new cancer, not spread from the breast cancer I had before, so in some ways this was a blessing. I would just have to beat this one, like I did the last one.

After a few days of denial, I had it under control, and I set out to find out what I could do to get rid of it. My surgeon recommended 3 sessions of chemo, an operation to remove what was visible and then 3 more sessions of chemo, But he told me that I only had a one in 3 chance of being cured, and that, if it came back, they could only 'manage' it from there on in. And my Oncologist said the same - 'It's very hard to get rid of this' she told me. Great, huh.
And the hospital offered me a trial -  a new drug called Avastin, that targets only cancer cells, (chemo targets ALL fast growing cells) so I signed up for it immediately. And the chemo started.

After my last lot for BC, I was expecting dire side effects, but I have to say, Carbo Taxol is nowhere near as bad as FEC, and I managed to get through the 3 cycles (9 weeks) without too many problems. Oh, except for the blood transfusions, had a couple of those.....Taxol saps your red blood cells, so I spent entire days in the chemo unit, having  3 pints of blood dripped into me - thank you doners, whoever you are. I used to donate blood , don't think anybody would want mine now, but if you've ever considered it, PLEASE go ahead and do it, it's a bloody lifesaver to people like me. I am so grateful to whoever gave me their blood.......

And then it all stopped for The Operation. The pre op scan was good - all tumours had shrunk, and all the docs I spoke to were like, wow, you've done amazing!! So I slowly began to think, maybe I'm not going to die just yet after all. And then I had the op - even better! Total hysterectomy, plus omentum removal (look it up) , and no evidence of disease in any of it! 3 MUCH smaller tumours removed from peritoneum, and now I have lovely criss crossing scars, and a much improved prognosis.

Unfortunately, chemo after that made me feel really crap.....I have staggered through the last 3 sessions, thankfully, but am so glad it's over. Turns out I have the faulty BRCA 2 gene, which explains the second bout of the big C. Still, most of my dodgy bits have gone, so I am cancer free for now anyway. ....
Now looking forward to 2017, (and my hair coming back) and a BIG trip to Europe to see Alice LOTS of times......or  maybe even USA........Bring it on!

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