Sep 16, 2014

Super Duper Alice Cooper!!

In the absence of any live performances, us Sick Things are grateful for any scraps that The Master might throw at us ........... so I was eagerly awaiting the one and only theater showing of Super Duper Alice Cooper, bio and love fest for The Master.  Went down to Southampton to meet up with my partner in crime Stephen Coleman, and helped to convince him to dress up for the show, not that it took much, lol.

And off we went to Portsmouth.......about 25 people there, so, a  pretty good showing, met up with a couple of FB friends too, which was nice.
What a brilliant movie, so fab to hear tracks from Pretties, and seeing it on the big screen made me want to rush home and play it again. Can't wait  til the movie comes out on DVD - so many pics I'd never seen!! Can't wait to see the book! And then there was the 'confession' - the cocaine that we'd all suspected but that he'd never admitted to before......OMG!!!!
 Lots of great clips too. All in all , it was over far too quickly, can't wait to see it again!

Give me your questions, minions...

Aha, Steven Crayn, you again..
Steve and made our way home, via his Mum's house, which is full of mad dogs, lol............Hello Steve's mum xx

Next day, we got up at about 10 and started watching all of Steve's Alice dvds....actually we started off with the dvd from my Old School box set - which I haven't seen yet for some reason - and it was awesome!!! A couple of hours of brilliant old clips, music, and interviews, blew me away....cannot believe I hadn't watched it  yet, having had it for a couple of years....but it's so great to see it with another Alice fan....:) :) :)

Then we watched Madhouse Rock,  followed by Prime Cuts - and after watching PC, we played the silly game in the extras - and unlocked an incredible 2 hrs of extra video that neither of us had ever seen before !! And then we tried another old EP, and  several other discs, Brutal Planet, WTMN and, er, something else, but they were US region only, sadly. We were about 8 hours in at this point and about to run out, when Steve suddenly remembered he had Theatre of Death somewhere...:) So we searched through all his cds again and eventually found it - only to discover that it was a bit scratched and kept freezing up. Very frustrating!!
I had intended to go home that evening, but as TOD took so long, (we were still watching it at about 8 pm) I decide to stay over for another night. The bottle of wine I consumed while watching had nothing to do with it, really, honest.
As soon as I got home I checked my dvd collection, and I think we have at least another 10 hours, mebbe more, so I am looking forward to our next Alice DVD fest.

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