May 20, 2013


LOVE this picture. Note my smug grin
And so To Edinburgh. And it’s Halloween.

Off we went on the five hour drive, following Steve L, Claire and Andy, although I think Claire did some of the driving :) Bill Crowe had kindly offered to put us up for the night so we  arrived at his house, (having dropped Andy off) to find that he had just moved in and hadn’t had time to unpack………………..Although Dali was ensconced in his cage/box in the corner of the living room, and the Halloween decs were up. Bill has lots of awesome Alice portraits on the walls, and the kitchen mural has to be seen to be believed!!

We had to get ready in a bit of a hurry, so my costume was thrown on and the make up was rather hurried. I had a lot of purple hair extensions to put in that required a bit of TLC, but there wasn’t any time or a mirror……… We arrived early and went into the pub oppo the gig – and Tommy and Ryan came over to the pub! Managed to lose my drink whilst hugging Tommy (so worth it, lol) so he bought me another one.  . . .

Having arrived at the venue, I went round to the box office ( as I had another VIP) and they were unbelievably awesome, handing me an envelope marked ‘early entry’ OMGreally????? Why aren’t they all like that, so much easier and less stressful. Bumped in James Smith finally. But didn’t have time to say a lot unfortunately, never mind, nice to meet up with him at last.

So we were let in early, so I had ages to linger at  the barrier, (*is in heaven*)with the German twins, Claudia and Andrea,( who helped me save a space for Steve). Ugly Kid Joe were awesome as usual, Whit coming on with Alice make up round his eyes.
Difficult to take a good pic of the intro to WTMN, it was so dark, and shadowy. My pic (below) is blurry, but I like it anyway. Thanks again to Sparky for the pics
Kyler gets killed (again) by The Man Behind The Mask

Pyro at Edinburgh
Look at those scary eyes!

Another blistering show from The Coop and band. Still haven’t got a cane, but I have Sheffield to go, so there is still hope. And I got a handful of orange dollar bills and more beads. After the gig, we waited in the hall outside to meet up with Alice, and I met up with another FB friend, Liz Lamb, who I only recognised by her lovely tattoo!
We were all ushered into a room where Alice and Sheryl were waiting, and I took some video of him chatting. He picked on me to go first but I managed to get him to start at the other end of the line – get much more time with him this way, and also I had my usual shedload of stuff which needed sorting out – Books, and records and daughter Sarah’s jacket amongst other things.  Eventually got to me, and before I sat down with him I asked him if he would mind if I did a short video on my cell phone (I know he hates ‘em). He didn’t! And I now have my own email announcement!! He said, ‘You’ve got mail. And probably femail too’ just for me, and now it pops up on my pc every day.
I try to look scared but giggle instead
You've got mail. And probably femail too.
Alice signs yet another of my scrapbooks - this was my ATC book.

Kyler took all the pictures and I so glad I let him, cos they were all brilliant and he took about 35! (Thx Kyler xx) I am mega happy with these pictures, best VIP ones I have,  the lighting was great, I don’t look too bad and Alice looks gorgeous. Kyler also gave me an Alice eyes mask, apparently thay had been giving them out at Wembley, but I  missed that. Steve and I had thought up some questions to ask him, so, apparently his favourite food is paella, and he doesn’t sing his own songs in the shower, more like stupid advert jingles and crappy pop songs – and here he went into a short version of Sugar Sugar by the Archies, wish I had been videoing that!!!.
If only you could see Steve's boots in this pic, he painted them white and then added leopard skin spots!
Eventually I got kicked out, and met up with the guys hanging around outside – Alice came out in his minibus and waved at us! But that was really it, so we headed back to Bill’s. It was really late at this point, so we tried to be quiet,  Bill and Rachael having gone home a lot earlier. Didn’t help that outside the house is a layer of what sounded like cornflakes when you walked over it – super crunchy gravel, it was deafening, lol…

We managed to squeeze ourselves into Bill and Rachael’s living room – they had thoughtfully left out mattresses, and taken Dali into their room. I did burst into the kitchen to see Kai asleep on the couch, but even though I am like a bull in a china shop, he didn’t wake up, bless.

I was lucky, I got the 2 little sofas pushed together.  Didn’t get a lot of sleep as every time I let out a snore, Claire would giggle, I would wake up and then we'd all laugh......and Steve had to get up fairly early to get Claire back to the airport for her flight home. I think she just about made it, but had to run thru the airport still in Halloween makeup, trailing her boots and a tutu. . . . Steve still had on the make up when he left too, so I hope he didn't frighten too many people! Was a hilarious night, except for poor old Steve Lewis who drew the short straw and had to make do with pillows off the sofa, that kept sliding around every time he moved. . . . . . .

Was fairly late morning by the time Steve C got back from the airport, so we packed quickly and set off for Sheffield.



  1. What a hilarious time you have chasing Alice round the world!! Great photos..

  2. lol another brilliant post again - you should write a book!


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