Apr 23, 2012

Bags and Tags

Made a few birthday tags this week, and also a couple of gift bags. I seem incapable of making an entire card atm so this is about as much as I can manage. I bought a bag in one of those grim card shops - imagine having to work in there all day, I would go mental being surrounded by all that cheesy rubbish - and then deconstructed it to use as a template. They turned out a bit smaller than I intended, owing to the fact that I got bored with measuring after 10 seconds and did it by eye. If you look closely, you'll see a tiny bit of Alice in there somewhere............
Just kidding gals, they are entirely Alice free. Make the most of it, it don't happen often.

For Maria
For Catherine
For Kate


  1. I should of read the last line BEFORE I started scrutinising!!!

    Fab tags

    Sam xxx

  2. OMG Pen - lace on your tags! lol. They are gorgeous, particularly the one for Maria and I love your wire and beads at the bottom.

  3. Fabulous tags, Pen. Love the lace and flowers

  4. Beautiful tags Pen :D
    Ann xx


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