Jan 10, 2012

PSE fiddling

I have been trying to find some address labels with an Alice touch, to no avail, and then somebody sensibly pointed out that I could probably make my own.... So I did. And here it is. I use Photoshop Elements, as I find it much more user friendly than the whole PS package - OMG - All those toolbars!!! Anyway, I just made a gradient background, a couple of text layers and of course a pic of Alice. Simples. The blending, er. . . . . . . . . .thingy was Linear Light, and then I did some scrubbing out of lines with a grunge brush - so many free brushes out there, it's hard to choose between them!


  1. Wonderful! Cool, but practical and tasteful :)

  2. well doesn't that look just fab?!

  3. This looks fabulous Penny. My internet is playing up again so I'll look at the clips another time.


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