Mar 29, 2011

A Portrait

My good friend Maria turned 40 at the weekend, and we had an AMAZING party to celebrate - I haven't had any wine since, lol - anyway, we all clubbed together and bought her an extremely expensive but gorgeous Orla Kiely wallet, which she was ecstatic about. But I decided I ought to celibrate the occasion by drawing a portrait of her beautiful daughter Hanna and this is the result. I agonised over it for quite a while, but eventually managed to finish it, and I think she liked it:))

While I was rummaging about in the undergrowth that is my craft room, i found this one I did when I was in my Kevin Costner phase (Dances With Wolves - god I love that film!)

They are both done in pastels with the odd bit of pencil, and although I like the one of Kev, I think I overworked it, so I tried to be a bit 'looser' when I did Hanna - still need to practise at that, tho.

Am still looking for the perfect picture of Alice to do......


  1. How lovely pastel work both of these!!!

  2. *thud*

    Sorry, had to get up off the floor...

    Stunning...absolutely stunning.

    So why don't you do more? Too time consuming? You could make a fair few quid you know!

  3. These are really stunning, Pen. What a gift you have!! I'm so impressed. Gorgeous work. BTW, don't think the Kevin Costner one is overworked at all - it looks amazing. One of my favourite films, too :D

  4. Absolutely stunning artwork. What an amazing talent you have Penny.I loved dancing with wolves film. Kevin Costner doesn't look overworked from where I'm sitting!

  5. Oh my word these are gorgeous! Am now doubly green with jealousy. Already was that you are off to see Alice (is he seriously only doing Derby over here?)

    I love to draw him, usually his 'looming' ones where he comes out of the black shadows. I'm nowhere near as good as you. I like the one where he is sideways on at the moment too, the one he used to promote the Along Came a Spider stuff... will see if I still have it on my pc or if it's in limbo on my old one...

  6. Wow! Your friend should be overjoyed, what a fantastic gift. You are so talented.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today! How about posting a picture of what your studio looks like these days? ;)

  7. Oh my word! Fabulous portraits!


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