Jan 8, 2010

Journal Page

When I first got ill, I decided to start a journal. Needless to say, I wrote it for 3 days and then gave it up, story of my life really. ANYWAY........... the other day I dug out the book, and disassembled all the pages, so that I could paint them.

This was largely inspired by Teesha Moore, who does this really random thing with collage, she makes a book, paints it all and then sticks stuff in it, I think she calls it Zettiology, or something like that........ Obviously there's, MUCH more to her art, and I suggest you check out her wonderful blog here.

Love a bit of scribble.

There followed a messy few days when I painted, sprayed and coloured all me pages, both sides, which led to much splodginess and running of colour, and many beautiful colour schemes previously unknown to ...well...me.

Having re-assembled the book, I then approached it in a kind of Pennified Teesha Moore-ish way - what I love about her work is the way she doesn't think about it too much - I always seem to study my bits of art to the Nth degree, and it ends up being either A) contrived, or B) something I'm completely sick of looking at. Her approach certainly seems to be more fun, so I though I'd give it a go. I put this together in about 20 mins with absolutely no preconceived ideas about it, and none of that 'shall I do this or that? put this here/there/somewhere' faffing lark.

And it was a lot of fun. I may write stuff in it later. Or maybe not. Can't thank you enough Teesha xxx

Been meaning to use this for ages

ps. As it consisted mainly of what was lying around on my desk, I entered it in this weeks Mixed Media Monday Challenge, which was 'Leftovers'.


  1. Brilliant and wonderful page
    I get my best results when I think less and just play!
    You must be very pleased with what you created!

  2. Hello...
    I hopr you don't mind me leaving this comment.
    I have to say, your blog full of artwork is incredible...
    I am nervously venturing into Alter Art and think your design's are wonderful and would like to follow your work for some much needed help and inspiration...
    From reading a little, I hope your on your way to a full recovery.

    Thank you for sharing your art


  3. Oh wow your page is unbelievable.
    Wonderful work. Love them.

  4. I once wrote an article about not caring what people felt about what ended up on the page infront of you.
    Its difficult.
    Especially if like you, you've spent the last x amount of years creating something more commercial that people are meant to follow at a workshop or magazine.
    This though is really gorgeous. I far prefer this style of working from you than your work of old. Hope you manage to do some more to your pages.

  5. This is stunning Penny. Love the colours and all the different elements. I an't believe it only took you 20 minutes! It looks like it took hours. :o)

  6. Penny this is really gorgeous, I love the carefree look to it, you got it down to a "t"- I'm not very good at just taking it as it comes either...I'm off to check out the blog you linked to...I'd love to do a journal like this but have never tried it. :)

  7. Hmmmmmmm nothing blank about this page Penny!It's absolutely awesome. I love all your pennified creations. I'm going check out that link.

  8. Sometimes you just have to let go and go with the flow....easier said than done because I too am a great faffer!!! Lovely result. LOL

  9. looks absolutely amazing, off to check out that link. Thanks Pen x

  10. WOOW Pen!! This is wondrous. Looks like a really free and easy creation. has a real relaxed feel to it. Can't wait to see it IRL and am straight off to look at Teesha Moore's blog (even though I said I didn't think I'd be able to cope with it LOL)

  11. This is absolutely stunning! I've clicked onto the close up and studied all the little elements you've added to your page. They are wonderful, the little squiggles and spirals and the subtle sparkle here and there.

    Wish I could come up with something half as good.


    Lesley Xx

  12. Pennified Teesha Moore-ish way....love it...lol.

    I can hear that you are pleased with it :) Great colours

    have a great weekend... doing more.

    chriss x

  13. Penny, your journal looks amazing! Diane

  14. Beautiful work, Penny! Keep pennyfying!


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