Jul 17, 2009

Collaborative Project part 5

Dunno what happened to part 4, I guess I forgot to photograph it! Anyway, these are for Suse, who is poorly at the moment, along with a card I made to match (sort of) - hope you're feeling ok, Suse.

Egyptian images aren't particularly fashionable right now, but I still have lots of bits and pieces lying around, so I thought I'd use them as they fit the colour scheme of brown cream and black beautifully. The pyramid and the plaque shapes are made with Artmoulds, and the spirally pattern is from a mould I made using a stamp and FP.

The card uses a digital collage image mounted on a collaged background., but I'm only allowed to post a sneak peak as it will (hopefully!)be in September's Craft Stamper, along with some more digital stuff.


  1. Gorgeous Pen. you'll revive the Egyptian theme with fab work like that!

  2. These are amazing & very intricate.

  3. fab tiles Pen, the theme is perfect for the colours!

  4. These are beautiful Penny. You can revive the Egyptian theme any day you want with these.


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