Jun 5, 2008

Another Fairy Door...

Or maybe I should say anti-fairy door. I really enjoyed making this - it's so opposite to what first comes to mind when you think 'Fairy'.......Never was that keen on fairies,

I tried to take an 'atmospheric' type pic, but it didn't really work - here is the best of the 75 photos I took.
Thanks to Sarah for the loan of Robin Hood's sword, bow and arrow......


  1. You're obviously an evil witch in disguise!!!! LMAO - great door, its lovely to have so much fun with a concept!

  2. utterley utterley brilliant! I love it. The attention to detail if fab, especially the wire at the top

  3. Penny this is so amazing, I just love it, and your attention to detail is fantastic.

  4. I love that!!! Can Pixie's come in as we are more Goblin than fairy??

    Fab idea. I'm still at design stage!

  5. ok I liked the fairy door, but this is fabulous!!! I just love every single element...!


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