29 Nov 2008

Dream Canvas

Made this 14 x 10 canvas at a brilliant class yesterday, at Lin B's shop LB Crafts. We got extremely messy with paper, paint, wood filler, more paint, wax, metal, and yet more paint and had a lot of fun!

The 'DREAM' letters were cut from doubled up card stock, gold embossed and waxed.

'BELIEVE' tags were covered in adhesive metal, and then we added paint, alcohol inks and got messier and messier!
When I got it home, I added a 'Craft Room' sign, a tag that was lying around, and a little 'Keep Out' tag - not that anyone will take any notice, I'm sure.
All in all, my idea of heaven, and I can't wait to go to the next one.


  1. Stunning work!!! what a great colours too!!!!

  2. Stunning work of art, very impressive!

  3. Wow, Penny. It's gorgeous. My fave colours.

    Iam NOT jealous, Honest...

  4. Wow - that's beautiful! Love the rich tones and the mass of texture!

  5. Wow Penny that's fantastic.:o)

    I'll be totally honest, I am jealous!!

  6. fab! what wonderful colours, and gorgeous detail, will have to spend some time inspecting this!

  7. Its lovely Penny - its great to see all the different textures and detail on it. Bet it was great fun.

  8. Fabulous, love the colours!!!


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