Jan 14, 2010

More Journalling

Wow, I can't stop cutting and sticking and scribbling, I'm loving the journalling thing! It's so different from the usual stuff I do,.......although I showed it to my husband and asked him for his honest opinion, and he said 'it looks good, but it's the same as everything else,' lol...... Well, it was very different to do, kinda messy and I realise it won't be everybody's cup of tea but I'm finding it very liberating, and a lot of fun!

Today John took me out for a belated birthday lunch, and I took the book with me. Whilst he was getting his hair cut, I sat in a coffee shop and did some more scribbling a la Teesha Moore, and the waitress thought it was 'neat' :o)))

Here's a couple more pages I did yesterday and today - I'm not sure whether they are finished or not, I might add more later.

And here's a couple I've started on but not done much yet - just the painting layer and some borders. (Although I have added a bit of watercolour painting to the one on the right.) I have a ridiculous amount of beautiful scrapbooking papers ,and they are perfect for the borders.

This one used mostly bits of magazine - it reminds me of my school books, I used to spend ages cutting stuff out and sticking it on the covers, wish I'd kept some of them now....

It's a very messy thing to do (that's what makes it such fun!!)- just look at the state of my desk...and I've added this pic to WOYWW (Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday) over on the Stamping Ground go take a look. (Yes, yes, I know it's Thursday)

I've been adding some of my atc's that I want to keep - I might also put in some of the previous stuff that's covering the walls of my craft room - I need the space to put up some new stuff anyway. This one is middle daughter Amy, using a stamp I designed for The Stamp Bug.


  1. PLEEEEEEEEASE stick with this (no pun intended there re the sticky glue thing)as you've certainly found your níche and I cant wait to see more! I reckon you should do any cards that you need to make in future like this too...perhaps start doing those around late April (nudge nudge wink wink)- FANTASTIC!

  2. These are really awesome... you know I am new to this free style stuff I call it, cause I don't know exactly the term's...
    I hope you don't mind me coming back often for help and inspiration.
    I wouldn't mind having a go at something like this when I get a bit more confident

    I have made a card way out of my comfort zone, I would really like to know what you think if you don't mind popping over....

    Enjoy your journal....


  3. b-loody hell Pen. you've really got the bug. these pages are just fantastic. looks like this style really suits you. can't wait till I see them in IRL at the w/e (and you of course! LOL)

  4. Wow Penny, what fabulous pages. I love the fun side to them and how you've echoed and emphasized particular image. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Wow, you seem a natural Journal builder to me; it's absolutely gorgeous. Love that you're feeling unhinhibited by it; I think that's exactly wahts supposed to happen! On that basis, your desk is no surprise; tidy isn't as interesting at all..I've had a good rumage and want to congratulate you on the glass of wine!
    Thanks for WOYWW - doesn't matter the day, never too late or early!

  6. Pen, they are absolutely fabulous :) You've got me itching to have a go, lol. Just like altering books but with more of a purpose - lots of fun and you can just 'let yourself go'! One of the best things I've ever seen you do. Must admit I was writing 'Teesha' style on the pics of my calendar each month last year, about my hopes and aims for each month or how I was feeling and found it really liberating.

  7. OMG - that is sooooo cool!!!!!!!!

  8. Stunning pages, Penny. I totally love the red & orange page. I agree with Jo, you really HAVE to keep going with this.

  9. WOW WOW and WOW, I love every page, you definately are a natural. I love the magazine one, I used to do that with school books too....aaaa Paul Young if I remember....lol
    I'm totally going to get into this after seeing all of your pages and Teesha's blog too. thanks for the inspiration Penny.

  10. wowwww Penny - you are on a roll - keep going with it as they are fab - want to do one now but havn't the time lol but this definitely suits you.

  11. Fab pages Penny - you are certainly on a roll.

  12. FAB - this is the kind of art journalling I'm trying (but not succeeding) to do. It's great work you should stay with it. The messy desk is a small price to pay for pages this good.
    PS All my stuff seems to look the same too ....

  13. I agree with the waitress, this is very neat. I love it. but I disagree with jo, you should start evolving this into cards around march!!! ;)

  14. Love what you're doing with the journaling, Penny. I'm booked on a weekend workshop with Dyan Reaveley but it's not until April - can hardly wait to get started with this stuff. I think it must be very therapeutic. Keep up the good work!
    Diane x


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