May 19, 2009

Stamp Bug Open Weekend

I spent the weekend demo-ing at The Stamp Bug - good to see some old friends again! We did a little make and take with Canvas Cloth - it's a double sided canvas, which you can ink/paint/stamp on. cut/run through a die cutter - pretty much anything you could do with card basically. It has a white side and a buff side, you can use either depending on the sort of colours you want to end up with.
Here's a couple of bits and pieces I made with it.

You can run this stuff through your inkjet printer with AMAZING results...This was part of a piece I printed on, then cut out and added shrink plastic, micro beads, shells and wire.

And this is just layers of card, paper and canvas with lots of paint and ep.


  1. looks like you had a fab productive weekend Pen. love the top one.

  2. They both look really fabulous Penny, loads of wonderful texture.

  3. I've been up to the Stamp Bug with my mum a few times, it's like an aladdin's cave! These are really beautiful, I especially love the lettering on the top one.

  4. Wonderful Penny. Something else I need to buy! LOL


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