Sep 22, 2008

Collage Workshop

I ran a collage workshop at The Stamp Bug today, and we made a hanging thingy. Thanks to Helen and Pippa, who came along and seemed to enjoy themselves. I've done the collage workshop before but I made some new things for this one - it's difficult to get excited about making something you've done 50 times already!

We made a collage sheet by gluing lots of scraps on to a piece of plain paper, and then punched the flowers out of it - you can then use them on card/tags/whatever. These also use paint dabbers, which I can't seem to stop using atm.... The photo was cut from a collage image page, but it would be cool to use a photo of your nearest and dearest. I'm really pleased with the way these turned out.

The tag uses a piece of mica - this stuff has been around for ages, but I love the way you can peel it apart and sandwich stuff inside it. It's easy to emboss on, too.


  1. looks great Penny and lots of lovely rich embossing

  2. These are wonderful, love all the detail and textures.

  3. great pieces Pen - especially the tag I love Mica but can never figure out how to use it - yours looks fab!

  4. Lovely hanging thingys Penny and lovely tag too - perhaps I should dig out my bits of Mica
    Anne x

  5. looks like embossoing is getting more and more popular - I've also tried that recenty:)
    great works!


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